Environment & Responsibility

What is tretford?

tretford – premium quality carpeting made of natural materials

Unique product characteristics and time-tested quality have made tretford into a – Made in Germany –  brand name.

For more than 50 years, Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing floor covering made of Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool – some of which is handcrafted – in Wesel on the Lower Rhine River.

In the meantime, the tretford brand has become synonymous with this owner-run enterprise. It stands for colourful, textile floor covering with a very distinct structure and outstanding quality.

The production and distribution activities of this owner-operated business are handled globally by these two companies:

Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG Wesel, Germany
Waterford Carpets Ltd, Waterford, Ireland.


What’s so special about tretford?

tretford carpets: Decorating rooms – colourfully and close to nature

tretford brand carpeting, carpet tiles and carpet floorboards with the distinctive ribbed design are available in up to 67 colours that can be combined as desired. It has a beneficial impact on indoor climate and is thus perfect for your living quarters.

The pleasant effect of this floor covering classic is owing to its main component, namely the precious hair of Cashmere goats. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it is able – unlike practically any other material – to take up moisture from the air and release it when necessary. Moreover, due to its imbricate structure, this natural material is able to effectively bond fine particulate matter. As a consequence, indoor fine dust pollution is significantly reduced compared to a home with smooth floors.  And this is also good for individuals who suffer from allergies.

Besides offering underfoot warmth, tretford rugs and carpeting, which boasts Cashmere goat hair, have in store additional positive attributes: its is dirt-repellent, effectively reduces footfall noise and wins customers over with its outstanding longevity. Both tretford’s continuous carpeting and carpet tiles have been manufactured in Germany for over 50 years.

tretford carpet is hard-wearing, easy to clean and durable.

Economic responsibility

The tretford enterprise assumes economic responsibility vis-à-vis the founding family, the employees and their families.

Basing production in Wesel reflects the company‘s commitment to Germany – a nation with high environmental and social standards.


Dealing with our resources in an environmentally-friendly manner

In 2007, tretford had a new building complex constructed in Wesel – based on the latest environmental specifications.

All areas – production, warehousing and administration – are now assembled there under one roof. Short distances have reduced our expenditures for time and energy.

Surplus materials that accrue during production processes are sorted and re-used.

Our decision in favour of basing our operations in Germany is both pro-environment and pro-employee. It puts the company in close proximity to its customers and protects many regional jobs.

We collaborate with a highly efficient (independent) dye works that dispenses with azo dyes. Moreover, their state-of-the-art biological sewage treatment plant – with alternating double filtration – is part of an environmentally-friendly production chain.

Social Competence

tretford is actively engaged in art and design exhibitions:

2016 - MANIFEST Julian Rosefeldt, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

2015 - ImEx/Impressionism - Expressionism, Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

2012 - ANTHONY MCCALL, Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin

2009 - Kunstmuseum Stuttgart with the 'Fleckenlandschaft' as part of an exhibition titled KALEIDOSKOP: Hoelzel in der Avantgarde

2008 - HUBERTUS WALD KINDERREICH at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (museum for arts and crafts) Hamburg.

Over the past years, tretford has supported young students by sponsoring photo competitions to promote young talents.

2012 – on the topic of 'organic resources' together with the University of the Arts Bremen

2010 – on the topic of 'bodenständig' (down-to-earth) together with FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

2008 – on the topic of 'Farbe sucht Gesicht' (colour in search of faces) with the LetteVerein Berlin