Aparthotel JoAnn Kleinarl | children's adventure space with environmentally conscious interior design

The new built JoAnn, an aparthotel with a sports shop and a children's ski school is located at the valley station of the mountain railways in Kleinarl. There is an adventure room of about 120 m2 for children to discover and to encourage them to exercise, play and have fun indoor.

Project: Children's adventure space, Aparthotel JoAnn Kleinarl
Architect: www.inprettygoodshape.com
Product: tretford EVER sheet, 150 m2, colour 567
Images: Michael Schwab

Abstract icebergs, caves, and nets invite children to climb and to explore and offer them a sensory experience in an environmentally conscious interior design. Along with other natural materials as wood and hemp ropes as well as carpet with cashemere goat hair they create a healthy room climate. This varied range of activities is completed with a Multibal-Wall with interactive games.
The carpet tretford Ever has been used in different areas of this adventure room. This carpet is made out of natural materials and without moth repellents. It is characterised by its multicolour, timeless design and high level of sound insulation. It provides a healthy indoor climate, is easy to clean and robust. Architect Anna Maislinger explains why she chose tretford carpet:
"We chose tretford Ever because it is made exclusively from natural materials, supports a healthy indoor climate and is also perfect to play on and easy to clean."
This is how environmentally conscious interior design works!