Authenticity meets tradition

Establishing a sense of well-being with tretford carpet at the "Zum goldenen Engel" hotel and restaurant.

tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7

Object: Zum Goldenen Engel, a hotel and restaurant in Glottertal (Black Forest)
Product: tretford PLUS 7 carpet tiles (colors: 555 and 571) and PLUS 7 broadloom combined with tretford stair profiles
Installation: Raumausstatter Strecker, Glottertal

PLEASE NOTE: PLUS 7 broadloom has been replaced by tretford INTERLIFE sheet >>>

PLEASE NOTE: PLUS 7 tiles have been replaced by tretford INTERLIFE tiles >>>

The Goldener Engel (or 'Golden Angel') has a very long history, having been built way back in 1507. As Glottertal’s oldest inn, this venue in the Black Forest is a third generation family-run business.  Careful upgrading at regular intervals has kept the traditional charm of this house intact and guests don’t have to dispense with the comforts and conveniences of a modern guesthouse.
The owners opted for the installation of tretford PLUS 7 with Cashmere goat hair to refurbish the hallway.
PLUS 7 commercial-use carpeting offers many interior design advantages: 40 standard colors, extremely hardwearing quality, excellent footfall sound insulation, and a pleasant indoor climate.

Thanks to its optimal material mix, tretford PLUS 7 merges the advantages of renewable natural fibers with the durability of polyamide. The Cashmere goat hair used is very robust and easy care and the natural fibers’ hygroscopic behavior is highly conducive to a pleasant indoor climate.
Whether you opt for continuous carpeting or self-laying tiles, tretford carpeting is ideal when it comes to floor design that promotes well-being.

tretford PLUS 7 creates a more quiet atmosphere through its footfall sound insulating properties. In a world where we are subjected to ever more noise, textile flooring is a good helper:  By playing a part in insulating noise, it creates a more pleasant atmosphere – now also at the Goldenen Engel in Glottertal.