Enhanced well-being with tretford Plus7 in Züssow

Color and goat hair underscore the "well-being factor" at the Wichernhaus organic convention hotel...

tretford Teppich Hotel
tretford Teppich Hotel

Commercial property:  Organic convention hotel of the deaconry association Pommerscher Diakonieverein
Architect: gmw architekten innenarchitekten, Stralsund
Product: ca. 340 m² tretford PLUS7, (color: 585)

PLEASE NOTE: PLUS 7 has been replaced by tretford INTERLIFE sheet>>>

As Western Pomerania’s first organic conference hotel, the Wichernhaus put a high premium on the materials that went into its construction. It also closely conformed to the new guidelines that are stipulated for organic hotels.

In the spring of 2011, both the builder and the architect quickly agreed to use tretford PLUS7, our flooring made with Cashmere goat hair. Apart from the fact that PLUS7 is made with environmentally-friendly material that is very robust, what also won them over is this line’s extensive color palette.  But no less important is the positive impact that PLUS7 carpeting has on the indoor climate by effectively reducing fine particulate matter in the air. Thus, guests can enjoy a very relaxed stay in one the hotel’s 23 sunny rooms!

The Wichernhaus is also unique because, in addition to its obsession with organic quality, it is the first hotel of its type in Western Pomerania to be run by handicapped individuals as part of a professional rehabilitation program. And this is done very successfully.