Moar Gut estate - Children's adventure zone featuring an environmentally minded interior design

The exclusive family nature resort “Moar Gut” upholds a culture of sustainability. With this in mind, the resort’s playground and childcare facility have been redesigned with a plastic-free approach.

Property:  Daycare at the Nature Resort “Moar Gut”
Architict: Nachhaltiges Designstudio, in pretty good shape
Carpet used : tretford EVER broadloom 106 sq. meters in Orange squash (585), Jonquille (568), Rose (588), Riviera (517)
Installation year: 2022
Photos: Michael Schwab

The hotel's mascots and their habitat provide the play space’s basic layout on approximately 1,000 m². In terms
of the form, the materials and colors used, the various play zones are inspired by air, earth and stables, while
also taking a cue from the resort’s corporate design.

Boldly colored areas delineate various group rooms of the childcare facility whose podiums and play areas were
fitted out with tretford EVER carpet – made with Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool – in Orange squash,
Jonquille Rose and Riviera. tretford EVER is remarkable for its superior naturalness. Indeed, though made from
Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool it completely foregoes the addition of moth repellent.

The nursery also features several play zones and little nooks that kids can retreat to. There’s a building corner, a
reading corner and a sensory space, as well as opportunities to play at tables or directly on tretford carpet. The little ones will find peace and quiet in the pleasantly scented sleeping room with Swiss stone pine beds and hay wallpaper made of alpine grasses and herbs. An all-round natural, plastic-free concept that is wonderfully complemented by tretford’s EVER line of carpets.