tretford carpet strong and nice in hotel

After six years of heavy traffic, it was obvious that we would only replace carpet with another PLUS7.

tretford hotel-carpet Plus 7
tretford hotel-carpet Plus 7
tretford hotel-carpet Plus 7

Object:  Hotel Amadeus, Hannover, Germany

Client: Jörg Winkler

Product: PLUS7, colors 534 and 559

PLEASE NOTE: PLUS7 has been replaced by tretford INTERLIFE sheet>>> 

Area: ca. 800 m²

Installation: 2007

"I have definitely never seen a hotel carpet that is more robust. In Cologne, we can hardly detect any wear at all – after six years of heavy use and a hotel occupancy rate of 92%", according to Jörg Winkler, owner of the Hotels Santo and Amadeus.

Six years of heavy contact wear at the the Hotel Santo in Cologne had thoroughly convinced Jörg Winkler of tretford’s superior quality. The hotelier again chose tretford Plus7 when a planned restoration of the 4-star Amadeus Hotel was carried out.