AGRO Holding Federkern Museum | Bringing Nature indoors

Visitors to the Federkern Museum in Bad Essen, Germany, are seeing an impressive building dating from 1588 that was renovated as a protected monument. The building gives an imposing impression of the regional architecture that is typical of the Osnabrück region and is much more than an endearing renovated architectonic monument.

Project: AGRO Holding Federkern Museum and offices

Interior design and fit-up: Malerbetrieb Heiko Hiese, Bad Essen, Germany

Products: tretford INTERLAND/INTERLIFE sheet, in colours 622 and 592, approx 300 m2

Photos: Bianca Lingner

It is an old family estate and the original residence of the family that owns the globally operating company AGRO. Today the residence houses the museum that depicts the company's history. The company is involved in the production and distribution of innersprings for mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Special emphasis was placed on the use of natural materials in the renovation of the building's interior. A combination of clay plaster, wood and tretford INTERLAND, with Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool, promotes a healthy indoor climate and damps noise inside the rooms, which are up to seven metres high. 'Special attention must be given to the choice of flooring in rooms of such height', Heiko Hiese explains.

'Our goal was to bring nature into the rooms. On the one hand by means of the consistent use of natural materials and, on the other hand, by designing the museum's meeting room in such a way that the interior looks like a forest,' says Ms Wagner of AGRO Holding enthusiastically. 'A green tretford INTERLAND simulates the forest floor and a photo display on the wall depicts a real forest.'

tretford sheet was also installed in the executive management offices. The calming violet tint of the tretford INTERLIFE line was chosen for this purpose.

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