More Nature, Quiet and Comfort

tretford carpet underscores the color and material concept in an office building and its stairwell.

tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
tretford PLUS7
aluminum stair profiles

Property:  Office building in Southern Germany
Color concept: Hohler Architektur & Consulting GmbH, Maulburg
Product: ca. 500 m² tretford PLUS 7 broadloom carpeting, (colors: 512, 601, 569) as well as tretford stair profiles
Installation: Rufle GmbH, a tretford-specialist dealer in Bad Säckingen

PLEASE NOTE: PLUS7 has been replaced by tretford INTERLIFE sheet >>>

Located in Southern Germany, this office building was already constructed back in 1900; the building material consists largely of natural stone and eco-friendly materials. During the comprehensive refurbishment in 2013, this was not only taken into account but actually signaled the way for Hohler’s work.

During the renovation effort and the fitting out of the building‘s interior, a material concept that emphasizes natural and ecological products was put place. In keeping with this concept Markus Hohler opted for a combination of tretford PLUS 7 with Cashmere goat hair together with a cement-based PANDOMO® floor for the office and conference rooms as well as for the stairs.

The ecological aspects, haptics, structure and sound insulating properties of tretford PLUS 7 all played a role in the material selection process. On top of this, it was seen as a big plus point that the desired color scheme could be easily realized with this choice.  The material’s firmness and the fact that it doesn’t fray and can easily be cut is yet another winning detail, inasmuch as this is helpful when installing the carpeting around pillars. Thanks to tretford’s matching aluminum stair profiles, it’s also convenient to install the carpeting on stairs.

The design concept of the conference rooms, where warm grays create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, was also accentuated by our carpeting. PLUS 7’s sound insulating properties along with the natural Cashmere goat hair create a pleasant indoor climate.