SL carpet tiles

Colourful, practical and durable

SL (self-laying) carpet tiles are meant for heavy traffic areas, for example, your home office or hallways. Since they are laid loosely, they are also removable and offer many creative possibilities in terms of patterns and colour combinations.  SL carpet tiles offer a perfect floor covering option for creative people but they are also easy-care, robust and will provide long-lasting performance.

Special Properties

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces noise and echo
  • Frayproof (won't unravel or fray)
  • With cashmere goat hair
  • Durable and easy-care
  • Improves room climate
  • effectively reduces fine dust in in
  • for heavy duty use


568 Maize / Corn

621 Lemon

655 Mustard

560 Curry

564 Amber

591 Salmon

588 Rose

559 Terracotta

585 Orange

582 Grapefruit

570 Strawberry

524 Cherry

657 Magma

633 Garnet

581 Blackberry

584 Plum

592 Lilac

653 Lilac

520 Iron

654 Deep Sea

575 Midnight

567 Pacific

514 Jeans

516 Cornflower

517 Riviera

627 Lagoon

640 Ice

628 Caribbean

558 Opal

565 Fir

700 Forest

566 Clover

569 Moss

580 Apple

656 Meadow

519 Sage

556 Fern

590 Mocha

652 Peat

573 Tobacco

572 Nougat

532 Sisal

555 Gobi

571 Sahara

601 Driftwood

613 Marzipan

515 Quartz

538 Aluminium

648 Fog

649 Gravel

650 Basalt

523 Zinc

512 Slate

651 Lava

534 Anthracite

632 Graphite

Common Questions

Can tretford also be used in cellar rooms?

Prior to laying tretford carpet, regardless whether carpet tiles or continuous carpet, ensure that the sub-floor is absolutely dry, level and free of all grease and dust. It is essential that a moisture barrier be added prior to laying the carpet in damp cellar rooms to prevent the carpet from warping.

What do I need to consider when laying the carpet tiles?

tretford carpet tiles were specially conceived so that they can be laid in a checkerboard pattern.  Owing to its surface structure, it’s not possible to achieve perfect crosshairs for alignment in the middle where the 4 tiles meet.

The tiles are self-laying and are laid wall-to-wall. They should not be glued in place and adhesive tape must also be avoided as it is not possible to count out a reaction between the tile backing and the adhesive tape.

What is the difference between SL and ECO-tiles?

Both tiles are perfectly suited for residential use.

The SL-tile (SL for “self-laying”) meets the demand for a maximum of natural pile material combined with an exacting standard for use in residential spaces. It is perfect, for example, in high-traffic areas such as home offices or heavily frequented hallways. To achieve a more durable, hardwearing quality for heavy-duty use in living quarters, the natural pile material (70% Cashmere goat hair) is additionally reinforced through the addition of a synthetic fiber (30% polyamide).

The SL-tiles are bonded to a heavy-duty backing that is not suitable for use with underfloor heating. In this respect, SL-tiles differ from ECO-tiles, which feature a special fleece backing that makes them suitable for underfloor heating systems. The fleece backing also provides even greater underfoot comfort and also offers greater impact sound insulation than does the SL-tile. Its pile material consists of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% virgin wool.

We continue to recommend Plus7, which features extremely hardwearing properties, for commercial use.