Optimal dirt-trapping solutions for indoors and outdoors

TREBO-Sauberlauf combines design with functionality. For commercial applications such as hotels, shops, and offices or for private use in your home – tretford’s latest collection is extraordinarily versatile. Trebo’s indoor and outdoor dirt-trapping solutions come with differing backings; they have the ability to absorb lots of dirt and moisture and thus protect the flooring beneath it.

Special Properties

  • Outstanding dirt absorption
  • Outstanding moisture absorption
  • Hardwearing
  • Non-skid
  • For interior and exterior use


trebo Cosmo beige 04

trebo Cosmo brown 11

trebo Cosmo gray 05

trebo Cosmo black 09

trebo Cross brown 11

trebo Cross gray 05

trebo Cross red 14

trebo Cross black 09

trebo GrandPrix anthracite 02

trebo GrandPrix nature 10

trebo Kokos brown 11

trebo Kokos nature 10

trebo Kokos black 09

trebo Median brown 11

trebo Median gray 05

trebo Median nature 10

trebo Median black 09

trebo Meteo brown 11

trebo Meteo gray 05

trebo Meteo red 14

trebo Meteo black 09

trebo Sirius anthracite 02

trebo Sirius blue 06

trebo Sirius brown 11

trebo Sirius gray 05

trebo Sirius red 14

trebo Sirius black 09

trebo Twist anthracite 02

trebo Twist brown 11

trebo Twist gray 05

trebo Twist red 14

Common Questions

Can trebo Entrance Matting be used indoors?

trebo Entrance Matting with FLEX backing was developed especially for indoor use. The backing is impermeable to water and thus protects high quality flooring, such as marble and parquet, from moisture. At the same time, trebo Entrance Matting with FLEXbacking also offers skid resistance and effective dirt and moisture trapping. trebo lines with FLEX backing: Cross, Grand Prix, Median, Meteo, Sirius and Twist.

Can trebo Entrance Matting be used outdoors?

trebo Entrance Matting with SAFETEX backing was developed especially for outdoor use. The backing material offers two fundamental advantages all at once: It gives entrance matting skid resistance because it firmly grips the floor. Yet it also reliably conducts away moisture and water via a drainage system. trebo Entrance Matting stays dry longer – even with wet dirt. trebo lines offering SAFETEX and SAFETEX II backing: Cosmo and Kokos. Furthermore the trebo-products with the FLEX-backings duo and waffle (Cross, Grand Prix and Median) are perfectly suited for covered outdoor areas.

In what direction do the troughs run in trebo’s Cosma, Grand Prix and Twist entrance matting?

The troughs run along the manufacturing direction, in other words, lengthwise to the carpet roll’s.

Does trebo Entrance Matting feature edging finishes?

Yes, entrance matting furnished with Flex backing (Meteo, Sirius and Twist) offer edging that run parallel to the manufacturing direction. The sloped edging on the left and right sides is 2.5 cm wide.