veledo oR

Leather for furniture and interior furnishings

VELEDO is a natural and sensual alternative to genuine leather. This composition leather is made of recycled leather rests; it is sturdy and easy-care. Furniture and sophisticated interior fittings – table tops, furniture fronts or wall designs, for example – can be designed using VELEDO. VELEDO makes it easy to create interesting accents for your rooms.

Special Properties

  • With natural materials
  • Low-maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recycled genuine leather


veledo oR angus 102

veledo oR angus 105

veledo oR buffalo 105

veledo oR croco 104

veledo oR croco 106

veledo oR croco 107

veledo oR torro 103

veledo oR torro 104

veledo oR torro 105

veledo oR torro 106

veledo oR torro 116

Common Questions

For what areas is veledo suited?

Veledo oR can be used both for furniture and for interior constructions (for example, furniture fronts). Veledo oR is not suitable for flooring purposes.

Can veledo be installed in humid environments such as bathrooms?

No, we don’t recommend veledo for damp areas because it can absorb water and swell. Spilled liquids should be quickly removed and accumulating moisture must be avoided.

What is veledo made of?

Ground-up genuine leather rests plus natural fat, natural latex and water is processed into reclaimed leather and subsequently imprinted, embossed and provided with a finish

How do I clean veledo?

To clean veledo, use lukewarm water and a soft lint-free cloth (micro fibre cloth is not suitable) and a gentle cleaning agent (neutral cleaner).