tretford Bordüre 2farbig
tretford Bordüre 2farbig
Rugs with felttrim

Tone on tone

tretford’s wealth of colours is available for edged rugs as well. Choose from 45 different tretford colours with suitable edging choices. The felt trim is 6 cm wide; a two-toned option is also available.

Our rugs are easy-care, comfortable and provide colourful accents for your rooms. They are manufactured using INTERLAND broadloom consisting of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% virgin wool.

Rugs up to 2m wide and 6m long come with jute backing. Larger-dimensioned rugs are also possible: Up to 4m in width and 4m in length. Carpets over 2m wide are customized to specifications and feature an additional secondary fleece backing.

Special Properties

  • With cashmere goat hair
  • many colours
  • One or two-toned edging
  • easycare
  • durable
  • high comfort


B 568 Jonquille

B 603 Sunflower

B 564 Amber

B 588 Rose

B 559 Burnt Orange

B 582 Grapefruit

B 570 Strawberry

B 657 Magma

B 524 Russet

B 633 Garnet

B 581 Deep Purple

B 644 Aubergine

B 592 Purple

B 520 Damson

B 654 Deep Sea

B 575 Cornflower

B 567 Lagoon Blue

B 514 Bilberry

B 516 Brilliant Blue

B 517 Riviera

B 628 Caribbean

B 558 Peacock

B 565 Evergreen

B 700 Forest

B 556 Fern

B 569 Clover

B 622 Wasabi

B 643 Tundra

B 656 Meadow

B 519 Sage

B 590 Coffee Bean

B 572 Milk Chocolate

B 532 Sisal

B 571 Mushroom

B 555 Wild Rice

B 601 Truffle

B 611 Pear

B 515 Quarz

B 538 Silver Birch

B 523 Zinc

B 512 Dapple Grey

B 651 Lava

B 534 Anthracite

B 632 Graphite

...or opt for colour accents

Our felt-trimmed rugs are now also available with two-toned edging featuring a width of 4 plus 2 cm. Choose a favorite combination from the 35 available edging colours. Find a style that suits your needs. How about a look of timeless elegance, a bold combination or a low contrast style? Let our examples inspire you!











Edging colors

F 611

F 515

F 568

F 603

F 532

F 555

F 633

F 588

F 570

F 524

F 581

F 644

F 592

F 567

F 628

F 517

F 514

F 520

F 654

F 575

F 516

F 569

F 643

F 556

F 558

F 700

F 519

F 601

F 590

F 651

F 523

F 534

F 632

Common Questions

Do these carpets have seams?

Since the carpets are over 2m, they fashioned out of two parts and thus have a seam in the middle.  Depending on the way the light falls, this seam is more or less visible.

Is it possible to get the carpets larger dimensioned than 2m?

Even though the broadloom is just 2m wide, it is possible the manufacture carpets with a max. width/diameter of 4m. To do this, we cut two equal sized pieces/semicircles that are permanently interlinked by means of a so-called 'hotmelt seaming tape'. The carpets are subsequently furnished with a textile second backing to provide additional stability and comfort.

What kind of backing do the carpets have?

Our carpets are manufactured of 2m wide broadloom. Carpets that are up to 2m wide come with the standard jute backing. For added stability, an additional textile (fleece) secondary backing is fused onto carpets larger than 2m, in other words, carpets that are made from 2 parts.

What do I need to consider when laying the carpet?

tretford carpets have either a jute or a fleece backing depending on the carpet’s size. Depending on the sub-floor, we recommend that you use it in conjunction with an anti-slip mat for your own safety.