Our partners

Our key partners for even more sustainability in the value chain

Once our carpeting has been installed we, together with our partners, also ensure that all relevant aspects associated the carpets' life cycle are taken into account. This includes the cleaning criteria.

Managing Director Paul Geissler, who is our partner in the carpet cleaning division, insists that: "It's important to select the proper cleaning process for the various carpets lines we offer.  Only then can the carpet value be preserved over the long term so that its users can enjoy a working, living or relaxing space that is low in pollutants."

A specially-developed process is used by Paul Geissler GmbH to ensure that the carpet value is maintained.  Professional and environmentally-friendly cleaning, from the very beginning, relies on cleaning agents that contain neither surfactants nor phosphates. Only enzymes that are up to 100% degradable are used!

Water savings of up to 96% compared to other intensive cleaning procedures not only conserve resources but also ensure short drying times.

The TEP-TOP-Clean® system used does justice to both the natural materials of the flooring and to healthy indoor air requirements.