Our partners

Our Partners

We take our social responsibility seriously. We also see our employees, customers, retailers, craftsmen and suppliers as partners. And thus we treat one other with fairness, respect, decency and dignity at all times.

We have, for example, partnered up with nomads and farmers of Inner and Outer Mongolia who have been reliably supplying us with the long top coat of Cashmere goats for decades. The purchases we make provide them with a steady additional source of earnings and thus a secure income.

Architects and Planners

A continuous flow of communication and mutual esteem are also crucial in our collaboration with architects and planners. They are the interface between retailers, us and the client. Time and again, we are absolutely delighted by the beautiful interiors they create with tretford carpeting!

Since we do not sell our products directly, it is often only by chance that we find out where and when a stand-out building project has been completed. Any kind of innovative design and installation ideas are naturally of great interest to us. We would love to hear from you if you have any beautiful reference projects to share with us. Send a message to: architect@tretford.de

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Retailers and Processors

We also work closely with our premium dealers, retailers and processors. We collaborate with these partners on a variety of topics and support them in their day-to-day business activities. This extends to lectures and workshops. We are regularly very impressed with the quality of our specialist dealers' carpet consulting and installation services.

Our premium dealers distinguish themselves not only by their brand-appropriate presentation of tretford products and excellent advice, but also by their installation expertise, which is certified by us. Our marketing activities are thus conducted in partnership with our premium dealers.

Partners for value preservation

Specialist dealers are contracting partners who carry the entire tretford range. Just like our premium dealers, they too can be counted on to furnish highly professional support and advice.
Hand in hand with our partners, we also make sure that a proper cleaning and maintenance regimen is in place after carpet installation to keep the carpet looking its very best during every phase of its life-cycle.

"The cleaning process must be appropriate to the chosen floor covering – and vice versa. This is the only way to preserve the value of high quality tretford carpeting in the long term and create a low-pollution indoor environment for working, living or relaxing," according Paul Geißler, Managing Director of our eponymously named partner in the core segment of carpet cleaning.

To preserve the carpet's value through professional, environmentally-friendly cleaning right from the start, Paul Geißler GmbH uses a specially developed process; the products used contain neither surfactants nor phosphates. Enzymes that are up to 100% degradable are used exclusively!

A drinking water reduction of up to 96 % – compared to other intensive cleaning processes – not only helps to conserve resources but also ensures short drying times.
The TEP-TOP-Clean® System does justice to the carpets‘ natural fibers and the need for healthy indoor air alike.