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tretford Carpet’ EcoProfit Report Draws a Positive Balance

ECOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection), is a consulting and networking program for sustainable management. Over 3000 companies in 110 different cities and districts across Germany have taken part in it since 2000; in 2019/2019, tretford took part in the District...

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BAU 2019 – Nature Meets Color

Date: 14 -19 January, 2019

Place: Munich, Messegelände (Halle A5, Stand 139)

tretford’s ‘made in Germany’ carpeting is manufactured with Cashmere goat hair for customized and colorful living and working spaces.

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tretford INTERART l new designs for your favorite spots

Superior quality materials, a timeless and distinctive design as well as stunning colors are the hallmarks of INTERART rugs. Whether laid out in a hotel, lounge or private residence, these rugs will fit in beautifully with any interior design style and help you create favorite spots.



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More peace and quiet for small and big alike: Carpeting reduces your indoor noise level

A collapsing tower of building blocks sounds like a loud, rumbling drum roll – at least it does on a hardwood or laminate floor. While playing and romping about is important for our children’s development, it’s not always easy on the nerves of their parents or neighbors.


Since carpets and carpet...

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tretford Metamorphosis – an easy transformation for your home

When it comes to interior design, the imagination knows no bounds. Stay flexible by opting for carpet tiles by tretford. They are versatile and variable because they are installed without adhesives – simply and quickly. In the way that nature is multi-facetted and adaptable, tretford tiles are...

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New Collection: tretford VOYAGE – Colours inspired by Nature

tretford has just launched its new VOYAGE collection. Carpeting – made of Cashmere goat hair – that comes in 16 innovative and trendy colours in the top-quality that one has come to expect from tretford. tretford has assembled three fascinating and expressive colour worlds that take up the colours...

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A natural foundation for your child’s creative centre

Little adventurers will enjoy creative play on Cashmere goat hair carpeting.

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Blue Angel (Blauer Engel) certification for tretford’s Ever carpeting

tretford EVER, manufactured exclusively of natural materials, is not subjected to moth protection treatment. EVER, available as continuous carpeting in 40 colours, offers numerous interior design possibilities.

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