Collection VOYAGE:

Colours inspired by Nature

The VOYAGE collection – made with Cashmere goat hair and wool – presents 16 innovative and trendy colours in the top-quality that one has come to expect from tretford INTELAND.

This collection presents three emotional colour worlds that will bring even more nature into your home.

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Expressive like Iceland’s volcanic landscape

In all its facets – ice and water, lava and magma – the energy from earth’s creation manifests itself in Iceland to this day. It is continually altering the face of Iceland’s landscape.

The corresponding colour world is richly contrasting; its cool and warm hues alike are bound to engender creative interior design ideas.

tretford voygae

628 Caribbean

640 Ice

655 Mustard

657 Magma

651 Lava

Laid back like life on the banks of the Lower Rhine

The peace and quiet that characterizes the Lower Rhine region in wintertime is interrupted only by the sound of the wild geese.

They come here to rest and find nourishment before returning to Siberia. This colour world presents itself in foggy greys, warm browns and earthy tones.

648 Fog

649 Gravel

650 Basalt

651 Lava

652 Peat

613 Marzipan

Full of vigour like nature in Scotland

Green hills dotted with grazing sheep, walls and stones that are overgrown with ferns and moss and the blue lochs that allegedly harbour monsters – this is how Scotland’s landscape presents itself to visitors.

This tretford colour world may inspire you to splash your own four walls with saturated colours spanning the spectrum from light to rich greens and blues.

621 Lemon

656 Meadow

700 Forest

654 Deep Sea

653 Lilac

627 Lagoon

Let VOYAGE inspire you!

Combine your yearning for faraway places and colours with the benefitsof naturally healthy living quarters. tretford carpeting is manufactured with natural materials (80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% virgin wool; it is hardwearing and durable alike.

Whether you choose continuous carpeting or carpet tiles – tretford carpeting provides a healthy indoor climate. Our timeless carpeting is for people who appreciate renewable materials, beautiful colours, comfort and quality.