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Living with Children
Living with Children
Living with Children

Natural, robust, colorful and flexible

Homes tend to become a bit topsy-turvy once children enter the scene.  At the latest when they start crawling, your offspring will really start to “rev up” and occupy more and more of your living space. At the latest when they start crawling, your offspring will really start to “rev up” and occupy more and more of your living space.  At this point, interior design conscious parents will have to devote themselves to creating a more child-friendly living environment.

How can a floor covering be practical and creative yet also stimulating? How can it have a positive influence on indoor air and react to changing needs? How can materials be cleverly combined? And how can all this be achieved when the family includes a pet? tretford carpet lives up to all of these requirements: it transforms living spaces into feel-good oases with the help of natural materials and colorful design.



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Ideas for race car drivers and seafarers

Children live out their imagination in their bedrooms. Whether as firemen, race car drivers or seafarers, this is where they can delve into a whole new world. It’s important to set up a child's room with this in mind.

In addition to our practical carpet tiles, broadloom carpet (with up to 67 colors to choose from) also provides a nice foundation from which the little ones can unleash their creativeness. Since tretford carpets are non-fray – and thus easily cut into desired shapes – it's easy to realize custom design ideas.

If flooring is already in place, area rugs such as tretford’s INTERART line, can offer a convenient way to create colorful and cozy spots for children. These rugs will delight little racers and sailors and grown-ups will be able to enjoy more peace and quiet.

Living quarters are transformed into playgrounds

In these new times of remote working and homeschooling, creativity is the name of the game! How can parents respond when their offspring turn the classy ambiance of the home into an indoor playground? As is often the case, the solution lies in compromise. Children need indoor spaces to play and romp while parents want a livable and tidy home that reflects their sense of style.  Above all, they don't want to succumb to chaos.

To do justice to everyone's needs, tolerance, flexibility and a few clever ideas are called for. One idea is to turn the dining room into a playground. To create some extra space very simply, just move the dining table to the side, roll out the round area rug, and voilà, you've created a secluded play paradise in the dining room.

The soft surface is perfect for playing; building blocks and game pieces won't easily tip over. Moreover, the rug will muffle the sound of building block towers as they come crashing down. The "play rugs" go easy on delicate wooden floors and give the little ones a warm, soft place to sit.

For Big AND Small

Natural, colorful flooring definitely delights our little ones! But the rest of your living space also deserves a feel-good carpet concept.  Robust, flexible – and with over 60 hues to choose from – easy-care tretford carpets can take their cue from your interior design.

The whole family benefits from the positive effect this has on a room’s atmosphere, Specially-edged area rugs – square or round – are a quick and easy way to add color and feel-good accents.

tretford carpets inspire cozier, calmer and more individual rooms. The various colors and patterns also happen to be a great way to delimit you home’s living space visually.

From the beginning…

Toddlers naturally spend a lot of time on the floor, so a soft floor is important. Carpets and rugs by tretford offer comfort, warmth and go easy on the joints of our little ones as soon as they begin to crawl.

Carpet tiles are particularly practical because they can be easily replaced should this become necessary. And for grown-ups, walking barefoot on carpeted floor is also pleasant.

Carpeted rooms radiate more comfort and feel warmer than rooms with uncovered floors. Carpeting thus also has a positive effect on heating costs.

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