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Anyone who has been following housing trends over recent years has invariably come across so-called "tiny houses". This housing concept embodies the desire for a minimalist, flexible lifestyle and affordable living space. The issue of sustainability often plays an important role as well.
Those who take an interest in tiny houses often yearn for an alternative lifestyle, one that is healthier, greener and thus more eco-friendly.

A minimalist lifestyle goes hand in hand with greater freedom; it is less burdened by excessive material possessions and, of course, results in a lower cost of living. As a direct consequence, tiny house dwellers can spend less time working and more time doing the things they love. In a nutshell: Live smaller and enrich your life!
There are many tiny-house-on-wheels options. In theory, these can easily be moved from one location to another.

Some wheelless tiny house versions can be stacked to create additional urban living space in no time at all.

We have taken a closer look at two different tiny house concepts:
tiny4life – a pared-down approach to private living and Woodyshousing – a concept that can also be applied in public spaces.

TINY4LIFE - a space sensation

tiny4life is the brainchild of Wim and Punam who wanted to create a completely sustainable – yet also cozy and small – home that still feels spacious.
"We travel a lot and let our lives take a cue from the things we encounter along the way... thus we wanted to be able to move house easily. An innovative folding system and sliding elements makes this possible."
tretford paid a visit to Wim and Punam and also had a look at other tiny house concepts in the run-up to our trip. We found many fabulous – and also modern – tiny house ideas.

We looked at tiny-houses-on-wheels and tiny houses that need a low loader and crane for installation. But many times we felt that these houses were fine for a short stay – but not to live in permanently.

Wim and Punam's house boasts almost 50 m². That's already generously-sized for a tiny house, but the windows and an open gable roof with light hatches make it look even more spacious. It is very cozy, and it’s furnished with a love of detail. Even storage space is available. Once various interior sections are slid together and other parts are folded, the house fits on a truck and can be moved to another location.

A tiny4life settlement will soon be established in Portugal where Wim and Punam plan to relocate with their tiny house. They have chosen tretford carpet tiles for their little home because the tretford brand also stands for sustainability and mindful living. Wim and Punam are convinced that: "It is much more pleasant to walk on soft carpet than a hard wooden floor. Carpet also makes the indoor climate more pleasant. Moreover, tretford carpet tiles can conveniently be taken to Portugal along with the house".

WOODYSHOUSING - urban living space

The idea behind Woodyshousing is to provide a healthy and sustainable, ready-furnished modular element that is stackable. Woody's floor space is 3.4 x 6 m and reaches a height of 2.9 m. They come fully furnished with a kitchenette, bathroom and even feature a small balcony. Woody's standout feature is its stackability.

This tiny house concept was developed with young people – students, for example – in mind. It creates quick and easy living space but can also be used as a stand-alone unit. With small adjustments, the tiny house can be customized for seniors, for example. Woodyshousing is made entirely of wood.

Woody's team has also opted for tretford carpet tiles in some of the tiny houses. "They enhance Woody's cozy atmosphere, they are colorful, easy to replace and quick to install" according to the developers of Woodyshousing.

In conclusion

In the meantime, there are many beautiful and exciting tiny house and tiny living ideas to choose from. Time will tell whether the trend has a future.

What we can say for sure, however, is that the aspect of sustainability will continue to grow in importance and that living with fewer frills is also likely to gain more and more followers.

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