Colors Create Mood
Sunny like the Summer
Cozy like the Autumn
Clear like the Winter

We need color

…like the air we breathe.

Springtime without fresh green? Summer without rays of warm sunshine? Unimaginable! 

Just like the air we breathe, we need color in our lives. Colors create a mood and atmosphere: Peaceful, relaxing or stimulating – colors have different effects that play out in our living spaces. Just like the seasons that conjure very different moods in us.

Whether stimulating yellow, cool blue or warm red – knowledge about the psychological effect of colors lets us use them in a targeted way for our home’s interior design.

A sense of well-being in our home is surely our most fundamental desire. We look for a certain mood in each room we spend time in.

In bedrooms, for example, the main priority is rest and relaxation. And we want our living room to be nice and cozy.

We used various interior designs in one room. With colors inspired by the four seasons. We invite you to let yourself be inspired...

Interior design ideas – as fresh as spring.

With the advent of sping, delicate pinks and greens splash the drab landscape with fresh color. 

Soft pink soothes – it’s the color of love and romance; it promotes calm yet has a refreshing verve to it.

Green is exceptionally well-suited for living room and workspace design concepts that exude calm; this inspires intellectual activity and creativity. Green is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  The color green evokes nature.

Whether green or pink, edged rugs or carpet floorboards – these spring colors bring nature into your home – all year long.

588 Rose

611 Pear

622 Wasabi

515 Silver

580 Lettuce Leaf

569 Clover

Simply heavenly…

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean; it has a harmonious, comforting effect. Blue also comes with a clear and fresh vibe that makes blue rooms seem cooler than rooms that are decorated in warm colors.

Shades of blue: The color of summer, relaxation, equilibrium and harmony. 

What’s practical: Blue lets small rooms appear larger. And in combination with green or turquoise, blue’s summer freshness is even enhanced.

In the mood for more inspiration? Link to blue-green color world

640 Ice

627 Lagoon

628 Caribbean

516 Brilliant Blue

567 Lagoon Blue

641 Arctic

It’s time for coziness!

As the temperatures drop in autumn time, we look forward to a cozy home. Our colorful Fall 2019 palette lends itself to creating a warm and comfortable home with an autumnal glow.

From colorful autumn leaves to ripe berries – the colors of autumn are richly varied and exude a special kind of radiance.

Let us inspire you with our home décor ideas.

524 Russet

585 Orange Squash

592 Purple

588 Rose

601 Truffle

652 Peat

Tranquil and serene

… or bright and clear -  that’s how the winter world presents itself to us. Our winter season palette lets you create an enchanting atmosphere for your living spaces.

Distinct contrasts in black, white and grey, along with earthy hues and grey tones, are elegant and convey a sense of tranquility.

515 Silver

538 Silver Birch

512 Dapple Grey

572 Milk Chocolate

573 Tobacco

651 Lava

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Let yourself be inspired by our interior design ideas and color worlds...

Blue/Green Colour world

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