Mindful Living
Practicing Mindfulness


On the Essential

In an increasing digitalized and networked day and age, a renewed focus on the essential is emerging. It’s easy to get caught up in a hectic lifestyle of non-stop multi-tasking. You barely finished the laundry and you’re already running late to pick up the kids before having to rush home and prepare a meal. As we are doing one thing, our mind is already mulling the next step.

We run ourselves ragged and forget to pause and reflect and to do things consciously with enjoyment

The works of a Buddhist Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, draw attention to the meaning and importance of mindfulness.  He points out how mindfulness can be integrated in one’s everyday life so that we can meet the challenges life presents us with in an unruffled, serene manner. So we can experience the wonder of mindfulness.

To be mindful with oneself and with one’s environment – which also entails a responsible use of our resources – has become an issue of paramount importance.  This also applies to those who work in architecture and design.

Considerate use of resources is a matter that is close to the heart of tretford. For over 50 years now, we have been manufacturing our carpets with a renewable resource, namely Cashmere goat hair.

Mindfulness in Practice

Whether mediation or yoga (a form of meditation involving movement) – both methods enable us to consciously experience moments  and to establish an inner connection to oneself and one’s own resources by means of a simple breathing technique.

Those who meditate or practice yoga use at least this timeframe to be mindful with themselves . But what about our journey to the yoga studio? Can we manage it mindfully? Do we consciously experience it? And, having arrived at the yoga studio, what are we surrounded by? Synthetic yoga mats or natural materials?

tretford is not a manufacturer of yoga mats, but when we were approached about using tretford carpeting for this purpose we didn’t hesitate. We readily crafted yoga mats out of our trusted, non-fray carpeting.

After a yoga session on tretford carpeting, yoga instructor Jana Nuyken noted that: "Yoga on natural material is simply fabulous! And I am inspired by the many different colors which always lift my spirits. I highly recommend practicing yoga on tretford carpeting."

Martin Ruppe, owner of the Shine Yoga Studio, loves mindful living – with himself and with his environment. His classes also put a focus on a circumspect, conscious use of resources: "Always think about what you are doing and whether or not it is mindful."

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Mindful Living

We should also design our homes in a mindful way to promote conscious living. Which items and materials should we choose? According to Dr. Craig and Deirdre Hassed (in their book The Mindful Home), "we have to create a living environment that nourishes us and strengthens us while also meeting our needs."

Contemporary interior design suggests that our homes mirror our spirit. We should not hold on to things that are no longer useful because this leads to cluttered rooms. And cluttered rooms lead to a cluttered spirit, which makes practicing mindfulness difficult.

It’s important to create a good living environment with natural materials that nourish us and boost our strength.
Those who live mindfully, develop a clear and sturdy spirit.  It enables them to weather even difficult phases in their lives with the strength that comes from the connection to inner resources.