a good night's sleep
refreshed into the day
less particulate matter

A good night‘s sleep

lets us begin the new day refreshed

We spend about one third of our lives in our bedrooms – a good reason thus to devote special attention to this room. 

How can we set up our bedrooms for more restful sleep – so-called REM or dream sleep?

One often hears that laminate flooring and other solid floor types are nicely-suited to create a dust-free environment;  they can be mopped and thus easily cleaned to a hygienic standard. 

But this is a one-sided way of looking at this matter because smooth flooring also allows dust particles to be whirled up into the air and breathed in with every movement. 

This is something that won’t happen in carpeted rooms since dust particles cling to the carpet fibers and aren’t swept up into the air as easily. And this substantially improves the quality of indoor air. 

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Effectively reducing particulate matter indoors

In a much-noticed and alarming study several years ago, DAAB, the German association of allergy and asthma sufferers, showed that, in part, indoor particulate matter actually exceeds recommended threshold levels that are defined by the EU for outdoor air.

These levels were particularly high in uncarpeted rooms. 

Particulate matter clings to carpets much better than to laminate flooring. Especially when it comes to tretford carpeting, this is a natural effect. Indeed, unlike smooth polyamide fibers, the structure of the hair used in tretford carpets is course.   

Made with Cashmere goat hair, tretford carpeting is all natural.

The fine, naturally scaly structure of these hairs is particularly effective in bonding fine dust and this goes hand in hand with a beneficial impact on the health of all users. 

Textile flooring also happens to be easier to clean.  All it needs is a quick vacuuming to pick up the dust. 

tretford carpeting effectively reduces particulate matter from indoor air. This has in fact been certified by the GUI LAB, an institute for  indoor air hygiene, environmental technology and indoor air quality.

Good indoor climate

Thanks to its natural raw material, Cashmere goat hair, tretford carpets effectively reduce particulate matter in the indoor air. Moreover, tretford carpets are easy-care and hard-wearing.

Beyond this, the used hair shows hygroscopic behavior – like practically no other material, it absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again as needed.

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For more beautiful sleep

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. They are also a place that we withdraw to when we want to regenerate and relax.

When designing a bedroom thus the focus is not just on practical things, for example, easy cleaning.

The color scheme plays an especially prominent role here. Light green and blue lend a bedroom a cool, fresh note. Yellow and orange, on the other hand, give it warmth and a cozy touch.

Up to 67 different tretford colors are available for our broadloom carpeting, carpet tiles and floorboards. Take inspiration from the shown examples and run with your imagination as you design your bedroom.

Kids‘ rooms for playing and sleeping

We want our children to enjoy a carefree upbringing in an environment that is as healthy and uncontaminated as possible.

Children sleep, play and romp around in their rooms.  Sound-absorbing, hard-wearing carpeting that also reduces indoor particulate matter provides a good room atmosphere for playing during the day and sleeping at night.

What’s more, game pieces and building blocks won’t tip over on a tretford carpet.  Kids can enjoy an all around sense of well-being in their own little realm. 

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