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tretford carpet tiles

Beastly good

We want your animal companion to enjoy a true sense of well-being. We adjust our lives and even our homes for them. We buy pet baskets and blankets and install stair mats to prevent our four-legged friends from slipping on the stairs

tretford products offer a wonderful basis for an animal and people-friendly home. Whether broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, carpet floorboards, runners or stair mats – thanks to pile material made of Cashmere goat hair, tretford Carpet is hardwearing and reduces indoor dust particles. The natural hair structure binds dust and airborne particulate matter that can then easily be vacuumed off.

Its structure is soft yet firm – it offers cozy comfort to quadrupeds and bipeds alike. A special manufacturing process ensures that animal claws won’t damage your carpet.

Precious pets

Pets – man’s best friend, companions and family members. Living with a pet brings joy, trust, closeness – and new surprises every day! We should open themselves to our pets and make room for them in our lives. Bunnies, cats, dogs – there’s a pet to match each type of person.

According to Judith Schönenstein, a veterinarian from Witten, animals choose their owner – not the other way around. It has been suggested that people benefit from bonding with pets. And there are in fact studies that document the positive effect that animals have on people. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the well-being of our furry flat mates is important to people.

And clearly they will be more comfortable on soft, warm flooring than on a smooth, cool floor. If it were up to them, animals would probably opt for carpets ...

Practical & comfortable

Thanks to high-grade materials, tretford Carpet is robust, easy-care and radiates pleasant warmth – perfect for you and your four-legged, fellow occupants ….

The natural, rough hair structure of its main component is what lets tretford Carpet bond animal fur. It prevents shed fur from becoming airborne and makes it easy to vacuum off. Especially loose lay carpet tiles and floorboards offer lots of flexibility: When they become excessively soiled they can easily be replaced. 

When several colors have been combined in a carpet, a replaced carpet tile is barely noticeable. Up to 67 colors are available to choose from.  And the carpet’s sound absorption qualities will benefit all residents.

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