Form & Color

Carpet floorboards and carpet tiles are true design wonders. The many different colors they come in, and their loose-lay installation, make them extraordinarily flexible in creating customized room designs.

Our INTERLAND tiles, consisting of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% pure new wool, offer a high level of residential comfort and a good indoor climate.

For rooms with heavy foot traffic (offices, for example), we recommend INTERLIFE tiles or floorboards. Their special composition – 70% goat hair and 30% polyamide – makes them extremely hardwearing. 

Obviously carpet floorboards can also be used for living quarters. 

Carpet tiles and floorboards by tretford feature a fleece backing that provides additional comfort and reduces impact sound. Suitable for underfloor heating systems. 

High comfort for all residential areas
Perfect for commercial and living applications
PLUS 7 Tile
For high demands in commercial uses