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tretford Läufer

Colorful accessories

RUNNERS by tretford are more than just accessories that add colorful accents to your home. They can make areas with smooth, hard flooring warm and welcoming.  They trap dirt in reception areas and add a cozy touch to bedrooms and playrooms. Modern carpet runners and area rugs by tretford are flexible, colorful and offer underfoot warmth. And you can find room for one just about anywhere in your home. One-meter-wide and available in lengths of 2m to 22 m, the runners are made of tretford INTERLIFE broadloom and feature tone on tone edging.

Special Properties

  • with Cashmere goat hair
  • in 40 colours
  • hard-wearing & low maintenance
  • warm
  • cheerful
  • up to 22 mtr. length


568 Jonquille

560 Curry

564 Amber

591 Salmon

588 Rose

559 Burnt Orange

585 Orange Squash

582 Grapefruit

570 Strawberry

524 Russet

633 Garnet

581 Deep Purple

584 Blackberry

592 Purple

520 Damson

575 Cornflower

567 Lagoon Blue

514 Bilberry

516 Brilliant Blue

517 Riviera

558 Peacock

565 Evergreen

566 Lichen

569 Clover

580 Lettuce Leaf

519 Sage

556 Fern

590 Coffee Bean

573 Tobacco

572 Milk Chocolate

532 Sisal

555 Wild Rice

571 Mushroom

601 Truffle

515 Silver

538 Silver Birch

523 Zinc

512 Dapple Grey

534 Anthracite

632 Graphite

Common Questions

What do I need to consider when laying runners?

tretford runners are manufactured from Plus7 broadloom and thus come with a jute backing. Depending on the sub-floor, we recommend using an anti-slip mat in conjunction with the runner.


In which widths are runners available?

Our runners only come in a width of 1-metre.

What uses are tretford runners best suited for?

tretford runners are practical in a variety of ways: They are perfect for corridors, bedrooms and public buildings. Keep in mind, though,  that these runners are for indoor use only. tretford has a special range of 'Sauberlauf' products for outdoors areas and foyers.

Für welche Einsatzbereiche eignen sich die Läufer?

Die Einsatzmöglichkeiten der tretford-Läufer sind vielfältig: Vom Flur über Schlafzimmer bis hin zu öffentlichen Gebäuden. Allerdings sollten die Läufer nur im Innenbereich zum Einsatz kommen. Für Außen und im Eingangsbereich bieten sich spezielle Sauberlaufprodukte an.

Why is the texture of tretford carpeting not perfectly even throughout?

We primarily use the long top hair of Cashmere goats. And this differs in color and texture from animal to animal. It is collected once a year and subsequently sorted and gently washed. Cashmere goat hair is a natural fiber. The Cashmere goat’s natural habitat can be quite harsh and this hair is subjected to extreme weather conditions. It thus shows certain irregularities.  Even our unique manufacturing process cannot fully compensate for these irregularities. Natural color deviations are also possible as is some unevenness in the carpet’s ribbed texture. All this is part of the unmistakable character of Cashmere goat hair. 

Just like linen, our carpeting has specific little irregularities; these are typical for genuine tretford carpeting, which is one-of-a-kind.