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Indoor air can be improved, for example, by choosing natural hair and keeping house plants. Indeed, air quality is just as important at home as it is in the Office. Our homes are private retreats. Places where we go to relax and recharge our batteries. In the meantime, more and more people work from home. They have integrated a workspace within their own four walls. Apart from the technical setup, one's home office should also be suitably comfortable for a long day's work. It should have a great atmosphere that soothes both body and soul, while also being conducive to effective work.

As air quality is influenced by the floor covering, among other things, opting for carpeting whose pile material is made of natural hair is a good choice in every respect.

Individuals who suffer from house dust allergies stand to benefit most from carpets made with Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool. That’s because the rough texture of natural hair traps dust and pet hair particles. The trapped dust is not stirred up into the air we breathe by PC fans, for example, or by the movement of your office chair  – but it can easily be vacuumed off.

What's more, Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool absorb moisture from the air and release it back into the room as needed. This effectively regulates the level of moisture. Indoor plants additionally enhance one's sense of well-being and further improve the air in your home office. Plants are natural oxygen suppliers and air humidifiers.  Some plant species can even absorb environmental toxins; the blue fern is particularly suitable for this purpose. In addition to a room’s temperature, its air quality is hugely important to one’s ability to concentrate and one's sense of well-being. An additional plus point where focused work is concerned is that tretford Carpet has a sound-absorbing effect.

Great Designs and Pets in your Home Office

Homeowners don't have to sacrifice customized design or coziness when choosing our all-natural flooring. Our beautiful colors and natural materials create cozy rooms with a healthier indoor environment that also happens to be more tranquil and offers pleasant underfoot warmth. Any number of eye-catching accents is possible with color combinations.

Light green and blue hues give the room a fresh touch that can boost concentration. Those who like bold variety can install carpet tiles in contemporary stripes or color-coordinated squares. "Even though Ida has a comfy dog bed, she prefers to lie at my feet on our tretford Carpet!" explains Ingo Schraub.

He is not at all surprised by this because animals love the smell of natural hair in a carpet. The rough texture of goat hair traps dust as well as animal hair. tretford Carpet is easily cleaned  and a special manufacturing process makes it claw-proof!

Tips for working remotely from home

When working from home, there are often no fixed routines that you are familiar with from an office environment. Setting up a daily schedule facilitates working from home.

The home office workplace
It should be ergonomically furnished, with natural materials and segregated from the living area. Eliminate distractions where possible – and dress for the office – as this boosts the motivation of remote Workers.



Data security
It is essential to separate professional and private data. Employer can offer support with the workplace structure.

Working hours
Set fixed working hours for yourself. Establishing a fixed routine including daily zoom meetings or teleconferences can help. Observing break times and the closing time is also important. Ideally employees should be able to record their working hours via Software.



Stay connected
This applies both to company-internal communication and communication with customers and service providers. Virtual meetings, telephone calls, group – or one-on-one –  chats and shared data storage are essential.

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