Culture and education in tune with nature

tretford is the ideal floor covering for the cultural and educational sectors .  Children especially will benefit in their development from having sound-absorbing, natural materials in their learning environment. Our Cashmere goat hair carpets also reduce fine dust particles in the air and thus help create a good room climate. tretford carpets are soft and firm alike – this quality not only makes them easy on the joints but also furnishes a good playing surface for active children. Indeed, their play figures and building block will have firm ground to stand on and won’t tip over easily.



Colourful accents at this elementary school bring added joy to learning

The groundbreaking ceremony for Wörthsee Elementary School’s new school building took place on 1 March 2013. The construction work was carried out in phases and completion was scheduled to allow the move into the new school building possible in time for the 2015/2016 school year. Tretford carpeting...

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Stiftung Hör-Sprachförderung (Foundation for the promotion of hearing and speech) Würzburg

tretford carpet meets the high demands of both architecture and materials

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Room to frolic in "Munchkin-Land" l Fanciful crèche in Bippen

When the community of Bippen determined that they needed space for their "little ones" it soon became clear that they also wanted to create something special and beautiful for an emerging young generation...


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Learning naturally – Wesel‘s Montessori School

A love of nature, peaceful coexistence between mankind and nature, self-determination, personal initiative and a sense of responsibility all take center stage at this school.

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Exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart with an auxiliary program for children

"Spot islands" (or "Fleckeninseln") fashioned of tretford Interland invite children to come and linger.

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First interactive children’s museum for design in Hamburg

Almost anything is possible in the "Garten der Dinge" (Garden of things) – the colorful Interland carpeting allows children unrestricted license to run with their imagination in combining and developing things.

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Elementary school in Bielefeld

Tretford carpet tile provide enhanced peace and quiet in the new reading room.

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