Culture and education in tune with nature

tretford is the ideal floor covering for the cultural and educational sectors .  Children especially will benefit in their development from having sound-absorbing, natural materials in their learning environment. Our Cashmere goat hair carpets also reduce fine dust particles in the air and thus help create a good room climate. tretford carpets are soft and firm alike – this quality not only makes them easy on the joints but also furnishes a good playing surface for active children. Indeed, their play figures and building block will have firm ground to stand on and won’t tip over easily.



Shades of red for a striking look - Chassé Theatre Breda

The Chassé Theatre is a large theatre in Breda city centre, right next to the old barracks. The theatre, named after army officer David Hendrik Chassé, is a modern building designed by Herman Hertzberger with a striking corrugated iron roof. The theatre includes three theatre auditoriums, three...

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Leibniz Institute (DIPF) | Safe and challenging learning environment

tretford carpet made of Cashmere goat hair was installed in almost 1200 m2 of the building. A warm orange was selected from the elaborate colour palette.

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De Beleving | Healthy and sustainable playing and working worlds

De Beleving Interieur en meer designs and manufactures custom interiors in which adults and children work, learn, play live and meet.

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FORUM GRONINGEN | the city's living room

Forum Groningen is the new cultural centre in the heart of Groningen in the Netherlands. The centre's design reinforces the sense of meeting and experiencing culture.

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Haus der kleinen Füße | Rainbow stairs as a playing area

The staircase was installed using ten different tretford colours and serves as a playing area for children, but can also be used as a sitting area when events are held in the spacious atrium.

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Library De Witte Dame | Pure and simple communication

To provide for a more efficient overview, the library has been divided into colour worlds with clear routing provided by primary colours.

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Library Södertälje | Reading with a feel-good factor

The new library, TIO14, is located adjacent to the city library and was designed to meet the needs of young visitors between the ages of 10 and 14. 'The need to meet each other, to socialise and simply to be here - with or without a book in hand - is fantastic for children,' says the library's...

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Campus MLC & NAB Wealth

An evolution, rather than a revolution, has been created in the workplace, pushing the project into the future to create a leading edge work environment.

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Stiftung Hör-Sprachförderung (Foundation for the promotion of hearing and speech) Würzburg

tretford carpet meets the high demands of both architecture and materials

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