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More nature for your indoor living spaces

INTERLAND continuous carpeting, made of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% wool, is timeless carpeting for individuals who appreciate renewable materials, beautiful colours, comfort and quality. It is low-maintenance, robust and boasts outstanding durability while also contributing to a good indoor climate.  tretford INTERLAND, thus, is for everyone who attaches importance to health and well-being. It is the ideal carpeting for all your residential needs.

Special Properties

  • With natural materials
  • Durable and easy-care
  • Improves room climate
  • effectively reduces fine dust in indoor air
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces noise and echo
  • Frayproof (won't unravel or fray)


602 Cashew

568 Jonquille

621 Lemon

655 Mustard

560 Curry

564 Amber

603 Sunflower

591 Salmon

645 Flamingo

588 Rose

559 Burnt Orange

585 Orange Squash

582 Grapefruit

570 Strawberry

524 Russet

657 Magma

633 Garnet

581 Deep Purple

644 Aubergine

584 Blackberry

592 Purple

653 Lilac

520 Damson

654 Deep Sea

575 Cornflower

567 Lagoon Blue

514 Bilberry

516 Brilliant Blue

517 Riviera

627 Lagoon

641 Arctic

640 Ice

628 Caribbean

558 Peacock

565 Evergreen

700 Forest

566 Lichen

569 Clover

580 Lettuce Leaf

622 Wasabi

643 Tundra

656 Meadow

519 Sage

556 Fern

590 Coffee Bean

652 Peat

573 Tobacco

572 Milk Chocolate

532 Sisal

555 Wild Rice

571 Mushroom

601 Truffle

613 Marzipan

646 Powder

647 Pearl

611 Pear

515 Silver

642 Thyme

538 Silver Birch

648 Fog

649 Gravel

650 Basalt

523 Zinc

512 Dapple Grey

651 Lava

534 Anthracite

632 Graphite

Common Questions

What should you bear in mind when using tretford in an office or study?

Both our INTERLAND broadloom carpeting and our INTERLAND tiles are suitable for residential use. A plastic chair mat should be used beneath office chairs on castors.

Alternatively (without the use of a chair mat), we recommend the following tretford products:

tretford INTERLIFE broadloom, tiles or carpet floorboards for heavy-duty use (Class 23 Heavy domestic use/Class 33 Heavy commercial use).

Why is broadloom carpet only available in a width of 2 metres?

Owing to production factors, it is not possible to manufacture tretford carpets wider than 2m. The  advantage of this size is that the carpet rolls can be transported more easily in stairways, for example.

Are the seams obvious when several carpet webs are laid side by side?

It is not possible to prevent a slight seam when laying several carpet webs. A particularly neat seam can be created by trimming the factory-finish edge. As a rule, it is virtually impossible to perfectly align the individual ribs in two webs because the carpet shifts slightly as the glue dries.

Usually the seam is quite noticeable right after laying when the room is still empty of furnishings. In our experience, this appearance soon diminishes due to the traffic on and use of the carpet. With time, the ribs "settle" and the individual fibres become overlapped. This conceals the seam somewhat so that it is less noticeable. It is, however, not possible to make the seam completely "invisible".

What do I need to consider when laying tretford on stairs?

Use tretford stair profiles when laying tretford Interland or Ever carpet on stairs. We recommend tretford INTERLIFE broadloom carpet for stairs with heavy traffic.


What do I need to consider when laying carpet over underfloor heating systems? 

When laying tretford continuous carpet over underfloor heating, make sure the entire surface area is glued down. Observe the supply temperature of the heating system.

An electric underfloor heating system, for instance, has a supply temperature that is too high, which is why tretford carpet is not suitable for use with this type of system.

Ensure that there is sufficient relative humidity during the heating period.

Does tretford have to be glued down?

The entire surface area of the continuous carpet should definitely be glued to the sub-floor with a suitable carpet glue in order to guarantee the full 5 year warranty. Careful preparation of the sub-floor is essential for optimum results. Please also observe our detailed carpet laying instructions.

Can tretford also be used in cellar rooms?

Prior to laying tretford carpet, regardless whether carpet tiles or continuous carpet, ensure that the sub-floor is absolutely dry, level and free of all grease and dust. It is essential that a moisture barrier be added prior to laying the carpet in damp cellar rooms to prevent the carpet from warping.

Can tretford also be used as a play mat or area rug?

tretford Interland is actually fitted carpeting, however, smaller pieces of up to 4 or 5 sqm are often used as play mats in kindergartens or children's rooms.

Interland broadloom is also used to make tretford’s 'Interart' carpeting, runners or edged rugs. To do so, broadloom carpet is cut to size and finished by hand into an individual or custom rug.

What is the difference between INTERLAND, EVER and INTERLIFE?

The pile material of tretford INTERLAND and EVER consists of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% pure new wool. It offers superior comfort for your living quarters.

As broadloom, Ever (without a mothproofing agent) is available in 40 different colors. Our trendy “Dolce Vita” and “Voyage” color collections provide additional design options for interiors fitted out with INTERLAND broadloom or carpet tiles.

The pile material of tretford INTERLIFE consists of 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% polyamide. This highly durable carpet can thus be used in areas that experience heavy foot traffic or in offices with caster chairs. INTERLIFE is available as broadloom, carpet tiles and carpet floorboards in 40 different colors.  

Why is the texture of tretford carpeting not perfectly even throughout?

We primarily use the long top hair of Cashmere goats. And this differs in color and texture from animal to animal. It is collected once a year and subsequently sorted and gently washed. Cashmere goat hair is a natural fiber. The Cashmere goat’s natural habitat can be quite harsh and this hair is subjected to extreme weather conditions. It thus shows certain irregularities.  Even our unique manufacturing process cannot fully compensate for these irregularities. Natural color deviations are also possible as is some unevenness in the carpet’s ribbed texture. All this is part of the unmistakable character of Cashmere goat hair.