Carpet tiles by tretford

Carpet tiles are nothing less than square design wonders. The many colours they come in, and the fact that they can be loosely laid from wall to wall, makes them extraordinarily flexible. They can quickly transform your home, your office, a hotel or a trade fair presentation. And, should you decide to relocate, simply remove the tiles and take them with you! In terms of their surfaces, there is no difference among the various tiles offered.

ECO tiles with Cashmere goat hair and wool are unrivalled particularly in living quarters thanks to their fleece backing. They can be used with underfloor heating systems and offer superior comfort.

SL tiles are extremely hardwearing and recommended for use in home offices.

Their blend of goat hair and polyamide makes Plus 7 tiles peerless in high-traffic areas of commercial buildings.

High comfort for all residential areas
For heavy use, for ex. in home offices
PLUS 7 Tile
For high demands in commercial uses